A city steeped in history, Berlin balances the old and new effortlessly. The magnificent  Deutsche Oper Berlin is the city’s largest opera house, and you can enjoy world-renowned operas with a great view of the stage from all  of the 2000 seats.Behind its linear design and unadorned façade, the Deutsche Oper Berlin presents the world of opera to a broad audience of music lovers. The Deutsche Oper Berlin showcases  stunning productions of the best in grand opera!

Deutsche Oper Berlin photo by Manfred Brückels

From the onset, in December 1912, the history of the Deutsche Oper Berlin at Bismarckstrasse strongly reflected the history of the city of Berlin. Probably the greatest mark was left by the night of November 23, 1943, when bombs destroyed the original building of the “Deutsches Opernhaus”, halting temporarily a promising artistic development.The concert hall reconstructed in 1961 by Fritz Bornemann puts on 25 productions a year, many of which are conducted by Donald Runnicles, who since 2009 has been musical director of this prestigious German theatre. One of the key areas of focus of the Deutsche Oper Berlin concerns the works of Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss. The orchestra’s Wagner tradition has resulted in many of its musicians performing as members of the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra. Another major characteristic of the orchestra is its ongoing interest in contemporary music. Numerous composers have worked closely with the orchestra.

Deutsche Oper Berlin photo by Manfred Brückels

The season for 2020-2021 has been recently announced and this week’s blog is highlighting just a few of the incredible performances.

Highlights of the New Season

7 Deaths of Maria Callas

Marina Abramović’s incredibly moving performance reinterprets seven of Maria Callas’s on-stage deaths in her most iconic roles, including Tosca, Carmen, and Madam Butterfly, ending the show with the “final” death of Callas herself. The controversial artist idolised Callas from a young age and decided to pay the ultimate tribute to the celebrated soprano’s legacy. Abramović has written,  directs  and stars along side film actor Willem Dafoe.

Willam Dafoe photo by Siebbi

Dates: 19, 20, 21 Aug 2020 all at 20.00h.

Die Walküre

Part of Richard Wagners epic masterpiece,The Ring of the Nibelung with Die Walküre, it is human emotion that takes centre stage, with musical highlights including Winterstürme and the Ride of the Valkyrie. Wotan had fathered twin children with a mortal woman, a male (called Siegmund) and a female (called Sieglinde). Separated early, the twins are now young adults. Nina Stemme stars as Brünnhilde.

Nina Stemme photo by Neda Navaee

Dates: 27 (16.00h) Sep 2020, 1(18.00h), 4 (16.00h), 8 (18.00h) 11(16.00h) Oct 2020.


In Verdi’s comic opera which is based on the Shakesperian character, Old, large and lecherous, Sir John Falstaff can’t resist the ladies. But they can resist him, and three of them plot to put an end to his advances once and for all. Soprano Annette Dasch stars as Alice Ford.

Anette Dasch photo by MatthiasKabel (Multi-license with GFDL and Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-2.5 and older versions (2.0 and 1.0)

Dates: 30 (16.00h Oct 2020, 5, 13, 28 ( all at 19.30h) Nov 2020.

The Swallow

In this most gentle of Puccini’s operas La Rondine, there is a tale of love and its frustrations. In Paris, Magda (the swallow of the opera’s title, because she will fly south to find happiness) is the mistress of the banker Rambaldo. When she meets the young innocent Ruggero, she falls in love – instead of the angst ridden tragic outcome one might expect the opera is infectiously light. Famous star of the opera world Rolando Villazón, directs!

Rolando Villazón photo by Stefan Brending / Lizenz: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0 Showcase 

Dates: 10(16.00h), 16, 20 (both at19.30h) Jan 2021


During the Wagner’s lifetime, Lohengrin was the most frequently performed of all his operas – wedding march and all.  The barnstorming orchestral Prelude to Act III is a vividly colourful section of the opera, which stands on its own as a classic example of Wagner’s ability to stir and inspire with his thrilling use of every part of the orchestra. Camilla Nylund and Klaus Florian Vogt  star in the May dates.

Klaus Florian Voght photo by Stefan Brending (2eight)

Dates: 30(18.00h) Jan 2021, 5, 13(both at 18.00h) Feb 2021, 23, 30(both at 18.00h) May2021.


Léo Delibes’tragic opera set in the Orient, a place known for its beautiful flowers – hence the title of the famous duet the Flower Duet from the opera sung by the principal character Lakmé and her slave Mallika. The sumptuous, exotic music is light, delicate and instantly beautiful, much like the flowers it depicts.  Lakme brings together many popular themes of opera in the 1880s: an exotic location, mysterious religious rituals, the beautiful flora of the Orient, and the general novelty of Western colonials living in a foreign land.  It is a love story of epic proportion between Englishman Gerald and Brahmin Lakmé.  Javier Camarena stars as Gérald

Javier Camarena photo by Ksarmiento

Dates: 20, 23 ( both at 19.30h) Mar 2021.

Rienzi, The Last of the Tribunes

In Rienzi, a young Wagner took on the world of French “Grand Opera,” a traditional form that typically featured five acts and as much spectacle as the stage could hold, including ballets, rousing processionals, huge choral numbers and special stage effects. It is a wapping 5 hours long . Rienzi is set in Rome in the middle ages and the central figure is Cola di Rienzi, who leads the populace against the power for the nobles. Andreas Schager stars in the title role.

Andreas Schager photo by Lyrten71


Dates: 14, 25, 29 (all at 19.30h) May 2021.

Sculpture on sid of the Deutsche Oper Berlin by Photo: Andreas Praefcke

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